An Urban Angel Purpose

By: Dawn Siddons

At some point everyone will be brought to his or her knees – metaphorically speaking. While mothers achieve a beautiful thing releasing us out into the world, there are no provided manuals to life because no one can really prepare anyone for an arbitrary existence.

We will spend our entire lives trying to find purpose, fighting to live the best way possible and to not feel obliged by the expectancy of others. We will make every choice as life is nothing but an everyday decision. Unfortunately, not all the choices made will be promising and some of the experiences will be disheartening, however, even in moments of darkness light can be found.

At Urban Angels we help out by re-energizing beyond the plates served. We bring genuine smiles, share conversations at the table, and remind each other how to dream and pursue. Urban Angles will not spend time calling out others for what they are not doing, rather invite anyone seeking positive change to join the cause.

Join us and help provide familiar eyes seen through gestures of care at the dinner table. After all nothing shows more care than nourishment!



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