Grateful For Everything— Sept. Featured Urban Angels

By: Dawn Siddons

“I lost everything I could have wanted in life and I now can finally live,” said Angel Stuart, a gift of humanity faith (aka an Urban Angels volunteer).

lifeisbeautifulA foster care child emancipated at 16, Stuart said it took one person to show her compassion to change her life and create her happiness. Homeless twice, Stuart has moved between sleeping at rest stops, couch sitting, and finding any location of basic shelter.

Even after a rough start to life Stuart experienced greater loss when her daughter passed away at age five in a tragic accident. If I were to ever meet anyone to have an excuse about life being hard I feel like Stuart would have won in my book, but she proves that is nothing close to the truth. Stuart moves against created excuses of being a victim of circumstances and creates a quality of life worth living.

Now at age 31 Stuart lives nicely under her self-earned roof but said there are no strong attachments to her material belongings. Stuart said that quality of life for her is to laugh, live, and love. Stuart is most grateful for good health, a place to live, and her love of art. With a free spirit and expressive lifestyle, Stuart can be found dancing, creating unique clothing, and making people laugh. Stuart is also one of the lead Angels for Monday night volunteering.

“Don’t be a victim of circumstances,” said Stuart. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself.”

This months second featured volunteer coincides nicely with Stuart as both believe in working hard towards something, and coincidentally both were introduced to Urban Angels Darian Kambiz Limo.

“Don’t b****, don’t complain, and good karma,” said Dragan Vasic, the man to speak truth in passionate love (aka known as the other featured Urban Angels).

Vasic is the attitude of “I do what I want,” in the best possible way. He does not seem to carry this demeanor as rebellion of a bad attitude; rather, he represents a positive movement and stands for a reputable purpose.

Coming from a large family with strong values, Vasic said his hard work ethic inspires from his parents who came to America on a boat with no money and built their dream from the ground up. Taught at a young age how to dream and aspire, Vasic said he recalled a childhood memory of not wanting to do a chore until money was thrown in the mix. Vasic said his father taught him to work beyond the motivation of a green piece of paper and to work in a grateful manner towards something for himself. Being grateful for a home with a roof provided by parents who love and work hard for you is a blessing not really understood until older but Vasic’s dad encouraged the mentality at an early age.

God, family, and friends are the three things Vasic is most grateful for. On an emphasis of what he is most grateful for, Vasic said his mother and father are his greatest inspiration. He loves the Packers, working out, and quality times spent with family and friends. Vasic is one of the lead Angels for Tuesday night volunteering.

Urban Angels is melting pot of incredible stories and unique personalities all brought together by a purpose of movement —positive change starting with the nourishment of bodies. What both featured volunteers wanted current and future volunteers to know is that Urban Angels is an open invitation to come as you are to an open table of questions or no question and enjoy a place of no judgment but plenty of compassion. To help or find help more information can be found HERE.

“Volunteer means giving love to other people,” said Vasic.


AngelStuart DraganVasic

(Angel Stuart, left; Dragan Vasic, right)


The importance of positive change in a brief Ted Talk Video:

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