Worlds Come Together In Differences—Oct. Featured Urban Angels

By: Dawn Siddons

“In the real world you can pick and choose your friends,” said Katie Ellefson, Urban Angels volunteer of the month. “In the military—worlds come together in differences and learn to understand each other.”

banksy-balloon-girl-heart-size-colour-10986-14509_mediumServing the naval branch of the United States Armed Force Ellefson’s military values influence from her retired naval serviceman father and enlisted sister. Inspired by her parents, Ellefson describes her quality of life to be happy and helpful while respecting Karma.

Considered her life to have been easy Ellefson said she likes giving back to the community and helping those in need. While she may have never experience first-hand misfortunes of basic needs of survival Ellefson understands being down on your luck. Being present and mindful of those surroundings Ellefson beams wisdom at the young age of 22.

“The Naval Academy taught me to get along with all types of people,” said Ellefson. “You learn that people change.” Ellefson explained the diversity of the residence at the connection housing, she said adversities could happen to anyone and everyone deserves a helping hand. What Ellefson favors most about Urban Angels is the simple gestures of a thank you—kind words, a grateful smile, and subtle bright eyes make a worldly difference.

Three self-describing words Ellefson gave herself are happy, loyal, and family-oriented. Like everything in life there is a process, Ellfson describes the function of Urban Angels to be efficient as the volunteers are very cohesive. Ellfson said you can tell that you are making a difference with this organization.

Outside of her soldierly responsibilities and volunteering Ellefson has a niche for sewing and enjoys picking up outdoor activities like surfing. Having been volunteering every Thurs. for the past three months Ellfson will be incognito for the next few months as she sets sail to serve our naval forces abroad.

I want changeThe second feature volunteer of the month is Roy Duran, a spark of positive energy and devote support of the Urban Angels family. Duran was drawn to Urban Angels in fate when he stumbled upon a pamphlet at the gym and since has been an influential undertake.

“It’s not about serving food,” said Duran. “It’s about making the connections. The people are Duran’s spark of interest and impulse of return. He tries to volunteer at least once a week, if not twice, usually on a Tues. or Thurs. Duran said the residence are just so awesome.

Another navy inspired individual Duran said he ambitions joining the service. He also said one of his long-term goals is to become an environmental politician. While Duran may not understand his outlook on quality of life (he told me this during interview) I think his worldly passion and care for others speaks for itself. Duran said that when he figured out quality of life he’d share.

Three self-describing words Duran gave himself are particular, hilarious, and flamboyant. I must admit during interview Duran provided unique responses to all my questions and, in my opinion, his choice words tailored his personality well.

Nothing short of being an interestingly particular individual, Duran enjoys playing basketball, meandering museums, hanging out with his sisters, reading, and just creating a stirring palette of life. With a fear of aging or as Duran said, “becoming decrepit,” he enjoys moving in youthful spirit—that kind of defiant temperament of no repercussions and no consequence, something we all secretly wish.

In diversity of people and story we all connect because in the grand scope of life, our stories all end the same-it’s a matter of how we get there and what made the journey worth the while. That being said, this is the month of tricks and treats and playful banter. Let these two fervently spirited volunteers remind you to play in the world but also be aware of what matters. Happy Halloween!




(Katie Ellefson, left; Roy Duran, right)

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